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 Providing A Rigorous Defense To Oklahoma Drug Charges

A conviction for any type of drug offense can redefine your life. You likely know that you may be facing jail or prison sentence, significant fines, and other serious consequences. Having a conviction for a drug crime on your record can have an adverse impact on academic, military and job opportunities far into the future.

Oklahoma drug laws are harsh. While a small amount of marijuana is generally considered a misdemeanor problem, sharing pot with a friend may bring a felony drug delivery accusation. Law enforcement frequently sends alleged drug paraphernalia items to the lab. A small trace of methamphetamine residue on a pipe may support a felony possession charge. Law enforcement looks for aggravators to enhance many drug crime allegations.

Let Our Hard Work Be Your Advantage In Fighting Drug Charges

If you have been accused of an offense, we will work with you as a team to fight the criminal charges. We will explain all of your legal options to allow you to be involved in your defense. We look for every opportunity to challenge evidence to build a position of strength. Prosecutors know we will show up prepared and are willing to take a case to trial. We leverage more than 35 years of experience and our knowledge of the local courts and prosecutors to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in every case.

Common matters that prosecutors in Stillwater and surrounding areas pursue include:

  • Possession or delivery of marijuana
  • Possession of CDS, including meth charges or a heroin offense
  • Possession of drug proceeds
  • Drug trafficking
  • Charges involving bath salts, K2 or other so-called designer drugs

Search and seizure issues are frequently prominent concerns in drug cases. As a former prosecutor and respected criminal defense lawyer, our attorney knows how to see the evidence from every angle. John T. Severe Attorney at Law in Stillwater, Oklahoma, knows how to find flaws and weaknesses in the prosecution's case. We strive to prepare a compelling case from day one to produce results. We do not hesitate to take a case to trial when necessary to protect the rights of our clients. Our goal is to make a difference and we want to help you.

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