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 Strategic DUI/DWI Defense In Stillwater, Oklahoma

Any traffic stop can be intimidating. When a traffic stop leads to an investigation into a possible driving under the influence offense, the stakes are significantly raised. A charge for alleged DUI or APC can have significant, long-term consequences. Many individuals who are pulled over for drunk driving have never had a brush with the law before. It can be difficult in knowing where to turn for help. If you have a prior DUI conviction on your record, you likely know the stakes are higher this time.

John T. Severe Attorney at Law in Stillwater, Oklahoma, provides exceptional guidance and zealous advocacy for individuals who are charged with alcohol or drug-related driving offenses. We know that anyone can make a mistake or face circumstances that seem to have gotten out of control. We are not here to judge you, but to give you the legal help you need to protect your rights.

The Knowledge And Experience Of Your DUI Defense Lawyer Matter

Our founding lawyer is a former prosecutor. He has been on that side of the table and knows how prosecutors think. As a criminal defense lawyer, he draws on his substantial experience in court to break down each DUI case to its most elemental details to find the weaknesses in the government's case.

We will thoroughly review the traffic stop, the procedures used by the police, the test results (including looking for problems with the breath testing machine) and every aspect of the case to build a strong defense. Our extensive experience in local courts is invaluable in assessing how prosecutors will move forward and how judges will view the case. We will fully advise you of your options to allow you to move forward with confidence.

We will stand with you to fight the power of the government across the spectrum of charges, including:

  • First-time DUI/DWI charges
  • DUI drug charges, including prescription medication offenses
  • Repeat drunk driving offenses
  • APC charges
  • DUI child endangerment allegations
  • Felony DUI charges
  • DUI great bodily injury events
  • DUI manslaughter charges

DUI charges are among the more complicated criminal cases in Oklahoma. It can take years to understand the nuances of defending against drunk driving allegations. We draw on more than 35 years of trial-tested experience to craft the best strategies to pursue the most favorable outcome.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Driver's License

There is no time to waste after a DUI arrest. Your driver's license will be automatically suspended or revoked if you do not take action quickly. You have 15 days to request an administrative hearing with the Department of Public Safety to challenge your license suspension. We can thoroughly review your individual circumstances and advise you of your legal options to allow you to make informed choices. The DPS hearing differs from the criminal DUI charges. We represent clients in these DPS hearings with trial-tested experience. We will help you understand the licensing options that apply under your unique circumstances.
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